The Felines of Felicette Station

The Felines of Felicette Station

Cats Own this Place

Five Original SF Stories

Welcome to Felicette Space Station, the only place in the solar system granting cats full citizenship.

Great felines own this place, you bet.

This fabulously fluffy collection includes:

  • "Citizens and Denizens":  A policewoman in search of a lost cat, a young mother in search of a better future, and a terrific cat with a mind of her own.
  • "Fire on Felicette Station": In the middle of an emergency, a firefighter finds her true calling.
  • "Godspeed, Potato": A brave pilot does the right thing for her terminally ill cat.
  • "To Cat(ch) a Thief": A thief finally meets her furry match.
  • "An Inhuman Dilemma": The ultimate version of cats versus aliens.

From sweet to thought-provoking to exciting and back, this amazing volume will fascinate and delight every space-faring cat person from Earth to Jupiter and beyond.