Engineering Witches

Engineering Witches

Five Feminist Fantasies

An original short stories collection

As any modern witch knows, a woman's life in a world still largely designed by men for men brings a unique set of challenges. With a bit of creativity and the right spell, though, annoyances can be engineered away. Here are five unique magical approaches to situations not only witches encounter time and again.

  • Make It Fit! - All she wanted was to fix a blocked drain, but a girl needs the right tools first.
  • Don't Feed the Trolls - When the trolls from the New Realm invade her village, an elderly witch stands ready.
  • He, She, Tree - Nature is queerer than we think.
  • Powerful Protection - She thought magic was useless, until her grandmother ran up to form.
  • The Magic Bubble - Defending your personal space can be fun.

Do you sometimes wish you could wave a magic wand to even out the balance and make an issue simply go away? In this quirky volume your wish will come true.