About Jo Appleby

Jo Appleby writes science fiction, fantasy, cat stories and whatever else crosses her mind.

Jo was born on twentieth century Earth and is mightily disappointed that over fifty years after the first moon landing, she has never lived in a lunar colony and no human has ever set a foot on Mars.

Having studied in five European countries, she holds degrees in biology, mathematics and information technology, and in Jo's opinion science has its own magic. Just like the Ninth Doctor, Jo doesn't do domestic. Being happily married for twenty years, she nevertheless resolutely refuses to be a wife.

When her husband takes his turn at butler duty for their two cheeky cats, Jo can be found reading, tinkering with her Linux computers or hacking her mobile phone, while dreaming of technology that faithfully serves no-one else but its owner. Jo is an avid fan of open source software and allergic to social networks.


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